End the Endless Pandemic

As college students, we are busy thinking about our futures: the future of our careers, the future of our lives, and the future of our country.  

We want to live in the America that our parents were so blessed to live in - an America where you can work freely, raise a family, and make your own decisions.

In the Covid era, we have seen unprecedented government overreach. Originally we were told that this was simply "15 days to slow the spread." Yet here we are now, a year and a half later, still with mask mandates, vaccine mandates, and a culture of fear. We have to jump through many hoops to do some of life's most basic functions like going to school, going to a restaurant, and so on. 

When will the restrictions end? What is the metric of success at which we will be able to return to life as normal? 

We reject the idea that these restrictions may be permanent as a "new normal" and DEMAND THAT the leaders of our country actively work to end the restrictions and culture of fear.

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